Creating a Modern, Thriving Direct to Consumer Manuka Honey Brand

THe client
Bees & Trees

Bees & Trees has an amazing product - small-batch, hive-to-jar New Zealand Manuka honey. Never heard of Manuka honey? It's an amazing gift from nature that can support your immune system, encourage digestive health, and be used topically to treat acne, wounds, and even ear infections! When we first met the Bees & Trees team, we were big believers in their product and couldn't wait to help them share their vision through the design and copy of a new website.

The Problem

When we first approached Bees & Trees, we were familiar with their INCREDIBLE product and felt that their web presence did not do them enough justice. We set out to create an educational direct to consumer brand presence that embodied the creativity, values, and special process that goes into creating this special honey.

Our Solution

To start, we sat down with the Bees & Trees team to get a complete understanding of their product, how it is sourced and produced, who their current customers and competitors are, and what their short and long term goals are.


With this crucial information, we were able to design a brand, website, and marketing plan suited to the company and their customers’ specific needs, focusing on the customer journey: prospect education, customer acquisition, and the retention of customers.

Brand Design
Typography, Colors, Icons
Before & After
Website Redesign
Email Marketing Design
On-going Email Marketing Campaigns

Upon the launch of the website and our marketing plan, Bees & Trees has seen a steady increase in new customer engagement, return purchases, and website traffic. We are excited to see where the future takes us with this awesome brand!