Increasing Website Conversion Performance and Traffic for Ekso Bionics

THe client
Ekso Bionics

Since 2005, Ekso Bionics has used exoskeleton technology to enhance natural abilities and improve quality of life. They are the leading exoskeleton company to offer technologies that help those with paralysis to stand up and walk, enhance worker capabilities globally, and provide research for the advancement of R&D projects intended to benefit U.S. defense capabilities.

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Their Goals

Ekso Bionics reached out to us at SeedX after going through a very costly year-long website project only to end up with a product they were not happy with. Their website when we first saw it was extremely slow-loading, which impacted their traffic, search engine listing, and conversion rate, it was not mobile or tablet optimized, and there were many problems with the overall design and functionality for both their English and German websites.

The Ekso team was also in search of SEO content creation to both drive more traffic to their website and to enhance current sales efforts. In the past, they struggled to find a team that could create written content that was accurate, insightful, and high-level enough for their audience of educated medical device buyers.

Our initial goals were to:

1. Optimize the website for speed, mobile and tablet devices, and on-page search engine optimization for both the English and German websites

2. Create content that is engaging and drives forward thought leadership in the medical device space

3. Drive more targeted traffic to the Ekso Bionics website

Our Solution

To begin our work with Ekso Bionics, we conducted a full-scale analysis of their website and tech-stack and interviewed stakeholders on their sales and marketing teams.

In doing so, we were able to identify and implement best practices for improving their English and German websites and building content that made a meaningful impact.

The Outcome

In the first year, there has been a 15-20% increase in web conversions and a 20% increase in organic web traffic as a result of our SEO and website optimizations.