NY Jets - An Engaged Fan Base Leads to a Winning Team
THe client
NY Jets

*This project name has been anonymized to protect our client’s identity due to the sensitive nature of their organization’s work*

Established in 1969, the New York Jets are a professional American football team based in the New York metropolitan area. With over a million fans on social media, the NY Jets has a large audience, but how can you use digital marketing tools to turn this following into active fans and/or paying customers?

The Problem

When the NY Jets first reached out to us, they were in search of a strategy to engage their fans via social media and fill their stadium stands (Pre-Covid-19). While the volume of their following was high, online engagement was low and ticket sales and merchandising sales were below the industry average.

Our Solution

In order to create more fan engagement across social media, we created fun games and incentives to encourage Jets followers to share their most intimate stories of their experience with the team. By offering people season tickets or tickets to a game, we received thousands of submissions of people telling stories about bonding over the Jets and their games with family members, friends, and more. Some people even shared stories about first dates and engagements at games!


We also revamped their merchandising, creating more fashionable, modern, and fun apparel that appealed to the sensibilities of New Yorkers who love the jets!


At the end of our engagement, the NY Jets were happy to have a growing, thriving social presence with fans who were excited by the opportunity to learn about each others’ experiences.


We were also able to significantly increase merchandising sales by speaking to the interests and personalities of NY Jets fans.

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