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About Us

SeedX is a creative digital firm helping clients conquer all things digital by providing you with the tools you need to grow your business online.

Like most great things, our story begins at an unlikely crossroads.




Our founders Jacqueline and Justin are both first-generation Americans who discovered their passion for SeedX surreptitiously.

Jacqueline is a native New Yorker and the daughter of Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants. At a young age, Jacqueline developed a love for singing and technology. Through hard work and determination, her passions and academic success allowed her to attend Columbia University on a full scholarship.

After college, Jacqueline worked at Google in a special division that assisted small and midsize businesses owned by women, minorities, and service veterans brand themselves online and grow their businesses. Here, she saw first-hand the frustrations business owners face in using technology to scale their companies.

Justin is from Reno, Nevada and a first generation Iranian American. Like Jacqueline, Justin developed a passion for technology and excelled at wrestling. He attended the University of Reno – Nevada on a full scholarship, where he studied Biochemistry and Spanish. After college, he moved to New York and applied to medical school. He was accepted.

Jacqueline and Justin met when they joined forces to create the mobile application GeoPlay, an app where you can upload videos to a map to discover what is happening at a location right now. Jacqueline was still at Google, and Justin was planning to attend medical school the next fall to become a pediatric surgeon.

In the process of designing and developing GeoPlay, Jacqueline and Justin discovered the need for a transparent digital marketing agency that simplifies technology for clients and gets real RESULTS. Combining Jacqueline’s understanding of business and design and Justin’s coding expertise, they started taking on side-projects in web design, development, and marketing as a team.

They started small. The first website created was called Neuroscience of Chakraswhere professor Philip T. Nicholson self-published his article on the connection between neurobiology and the chakras. Next, they worked on the branding, marketing, and website for a small yoga studio and a hair weave line.

A few months later, Jacqueline and Justin began to see huge results for the clients they were helping in their free time. The pair saw a huge opportunity in truly helping businesses and individuals thrive and decided to dedicate themselves to doing so full time. Justin turned down medical school, and Jacqueline left the job market.

The first iteration of SeedX was called Jacqueline’s Web Studio. It was a small operation with 5 individuals working together to help small businesses create a great online presence and then use it to take their businesses to the next level.

As time went on, they began attracting larger clients for website and marketing help, start-ups who needed assistance developing applications and branding, and organizations in need of software to solve their pain points. The team expanded from 5 to 10  and then 15 seemingly over night.

That is when we re-branded to SeedX and became a full-fledged digital agency.

Today, SeedX works with businesses who are just starting out, individuals in search of strong personal branding, large corporations, schools, non-profit organizations, and more who need assistance leveraging technology to grow.

Every team member at SeedX is encouraged to create better results every single day and go above and beyond expectations in assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

We embrace challenge, seek innovation and improvement relentlessly, and take our clients’ businesses seriously.

Our Values

At SeedX, we treat every day like day one.

We are constantly learning, nurturing each client relationship, and exceeding the expectations of the results we achieve together.


Beginner's Mindset

We approach everything with a beginner's mindset so that we are always on the forefront of advancement.

Our employees are constantly adding to their professional knowledge to ensure that we provide you with the best practices possible in our fast changing economy.



We involve our clients in each step of a project, ensuring that you learn and give consistent feedback.


Exceed Expectations

We do not settle for "good" or even "great."

Going above and beyond is in our DNA.

SeedX Creators

Jacqueline Basulto

Lead Creative and Marketing

While working with small and mid-size businesses at Google, Jacqueline became passionate about helping clients overcome the frustrations of using the internet to grow their businesses. At SeedX, she actively works to give individuals the tools to achieve unprecedented results online.

She is a digital marketer and the creative director of the company. Jacqueline is a native New Yorker, dog, yoga, and music lover, and a graduate of Columbia University.

Justin Rashidi

Lead Technical and Operations

Justin is an experienced back-end developer, operations pro, and all-around tech wiz from Reno, Nevada. He is serious about innovation and is constantly looking for better solutions to simplify processes for our clients and help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

Justin is an alumnus of the University of Nevada - Reno, and he loves start up technology. He has a background in pro-wrestling and medicine.

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