What Should My Website Even Do?


What Should My Website Even Do?


We were recently asked “What should be the goal of my website?” This is a great question and one that a lot of business owners struggle to understand. Everyone understands the importance of having a website but does not fully grasp that a website is just a tool to be leveraged.

A lot of the people we work with say, “I want a better website”, but they cannot verbalize what their website should do or what are their current business goals.

Your website should reflect your business goals. We find that most websites aim to accomplish one or more of the following: generate more leads, increase awareness, maximizing sales, improve costumer support, automate tasks, attract new talent.

However, a lot of these are like this Venn diagram. Depending on how you mix the ingredients, your outcomes can vary a lot. However, we all want to aim for the sweet pancake spot. Not only because pancakes are amazing, but because that is where you will find the most success.

What Should My Website Even Do?

Generate More Leads:

This is the holy grail of internet goals. Half of the world’s population is connected to the internet. All of your potential costumers are out there just waiting to find you. However, there are now more 1 billion websites on the internet now. How do you fight through all the noise to stand out? Generating more leads is hard. There is no easy way around it. In order to have your website generate more leads you need to have a comprehensive plan beyond your website. Normally this is a mix of in-bound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid marketing of various forms.

Simply having a website is not enough and if anyone tells you otherwise then they are lying to your face and just trying to get your money. Never fall for anyone that is trying to sell you the get rich quick scheme. However, if you put in the work then you can reap great rewards for aligning your business and online lead strategy. If you do not know who Neil Patel is then I recommend that you start by reading his blog about how he grew his website from nothing to millions of daily users.

The goals that should be set for lead generation should be based on a percentage and not a whole number. For example, you would want to generate 5% more qualified leads and I italicize qualified because a junk lead is no good to a business. The more detailed and precise you are in your goals and methods the more likely you will be to achieve them.

Increase Awareness:

I contemplated putting this one before generating more leads because it is often the precursor to getting more leads. Increasing awareness often means providing valuable content to your visitors. It is believed that it takes anywhere from 6-8 interactions with your business before someone feels comfortable buying from you. So what is the best way to have those interactions?

The answer lies in content marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is making high valuable content that increases engagement with your business. Often this is talking in-depth to clients or potential clients about how these products or services will help them achieve their goals. Content marketing is not new it has simply changed forms as the distribution channels of the internet allow you to reach costumers like never before. Prior you would have journalists write about you, provide pamphlets and send them to people’s house, and have people make videos about you or your business. But now you can write about yourself, make your own designs, and even make your own videos while platforms like Medium, Facebook, and YouTube are all amazing distribution channels for your content that you are making.

The best content makes your clients feel like they are sitting in the room with you. They now deeply about your brand, mission, and believes. It takes time to reach these levels so best to start now!

Maximizing Sales:

This mainly pertains to e-commerce and software as a service. People want to know how to get people to their website and how to make it as easy as possible for them to buy your product. Well to me this is about crafting the perfect sales funnel.


A sales funnel is basically a system of content that helps guide your buyer into making the right decision, buying your product. Have you ever been searching the web and you stumble upon a blog article about some product. The next thing you know you read that one and another article about the product, watched a demo video, and at this very moment they are offering you some type of deal for this amazing product you just spent 30 minutes to a hour interacting with. Well that my friends is a good sales funnel. Like anything great the best ones you do not even know you are in. I often find myself wondering if I actually wanted that product I just bought or was I just brought in to a masterfully crafted sales funnel? Either way, if they can master the sales funnel that well then I bet the product is amazing too. So do you make a sales funnel well content marketing, see above!

There is also the backend of the funnel which is a whole other discussion of profit margins that are huge!

Improve Costumer Support:

Depending on the type of business you run then this can vary a lot. At minimum you should probably answer common questions or concerns. The processes for how your business operates. What kind of paperwork someone needs to have when interacting with your website. If you are in an industry where people already hate dealing with you then you better make that information incredibly easy to access and decipher. For example, people hate going to the doctor. What are they going to do? Are they going to tell me I am obese again (true story), how much is this going to cost me? Just the act of thinking about going to the doctor makes people’s stomach turn. So when I am on your website you better give me all the information up front because if I come to find out that I did not bring in the paperwork I needed after being on your website, I am going to be pissed.

This is also true of other websites. How come more businesses do not allow people to book appointments online? Why do I even need to call. At SeedX we often are selective in the clients that we take on and thus do not offed this feature. However, with businesses that accept the majority of costumers I do not know why this is not more commonplace.
Every point in your clients journey should be as enjoyable as possible and your website should reflect that!

Automate Tasks:

As previously mentioned, automatic booking systems should be everywhere. Not only is this great for the costumer experience, but it also frees up a lot of time for you and your staff. People will do all the heavy lifting for you. Just put in when you do not want to meet or let everyone else do the rest of the work. This will literally save you and your staff countless hours over the course of the year.

Your website should also be synced to all of the amazing software that is available to you. If you need to be running a email marketing campaign and you are not collecting emails directly to mail chimp or another email marketing platform then you are wasting time. If you are not funneling your sales leads into a CRM like Hubspot then you are wasting time and money. In the ever increasing field of business and life every second counts. So let your website and all the amazing software in the world help you so you can focus on the big problems.


Attract New Talent:

This is one that we are actually working on ourselves at SeedX. When you first start your business or are just growing you do not understand the importance of hiring and retaining employees. However, this quickly becomes one of the major concerns as you get bigger and realize that human capital is second to none. Everyone knows this too. An amazing employee or co-worker is like a god send. Their work is amazing, they are amazing communicators, they do not call unnecessary meetings, and they can handle criticism. You basically want to shower this individual with gifts and love for being so amazing. While a bad employee or co-worker, well, will make you want to poke your eyes out and take a blow horn to the ears so you do not have to see or hear from them ever again.

So how do you make a website that makes people want to join your company. Well content marketing. A lot of companies will aim to highlight the amazing benefits of working there. We are taking the approach of being more transparent about things we are looking for like grit, determination, and communication over experience.

When you post entry level jobs with 5 years of experience and your interview process is a black box then people are bound to not want to work with you and your company.