Top 4 Myths About Google Ads


Top 4 Myths About Google Ads


Everyone has heard about Google. It’s a powerful platform that offers its users lots of opportunities, from sending an email to promoting their businesses with Google Ads (former Google AdWords) and Google AdSense.

Google Ads is a very powerful platform that offers the clients many possibilities to set up a potentially successful marketing campaign.  According to Visual Capitalist, Google controls 41% of the digital advertising market, followed by Facebook with only 16.6%.

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As you can see, Google controls nearly a half of all digital ads. Nevertheless, Google Ads is not the first thing on your mind when you start planning your marketing campaign. Why is this happening?

There’s a number of myths that surround Google Ads and make lots of marketing specialists doubt the reliability of this platform. So let’s take a look at the top 4 myths about Google Ads and analyze their credibility.

Myth #1. No one clicks on Google Ads

People, who doubt the effectiveness of the ads on Google, often do not click on them themselves. This also is accurate because consumers don’t like and don’t trust digital advertising. Some advertisements can really be very invasive and their omnipresence is sometimes very annoying.

But if you don’t click on those ads on the top of your search results doesn’t mean that your target audience won’t be interested in them. According to the infographic by WordStream, 64.6% of users click on Google Ads as they search for the products to purchase.

Image credit: WordStream

However, it is necessary to specify that not all keyword searches can bring such results. Keyword searches with high commercial intent, when people search for a specific product or service (e.g. buy Fujifilm Instant Square SQ6 Camera), bring more benefits to the business than a generalized informational keyword search.

But for someone who knows how Google Ads work and how Google operates in general, it is well-known that setting the correct keyword search will define the success of the whole Google Ads campaign.

As for the myth, we can state that people are interested in and trust Google Ads, so they definitely click on the promotions offered by Google.

So, this myth is busted.


Myth #2. A successful Google Ads campaign means you get #1 spot

Many people might think that the higher you get in the search results, the more successful your campaign becomes. But if your ad occupies the 3 or 4 spot in the search results, it doesn’t mean that your Google Ads results suck. Quite on the contrary: your ads still get enough clicks to call your Google Ads successful.

This myth is also connected to another myth, stating that Google Ads auction is very expensive. To figure out why this happens, let’s take a quick look at how AdWords work.

Google Ads is based on an auction system. When a user enters a search query, Google determines if this query contains the keywords that advertisers are bidding on at the current moment. If the query does contain keywords that are being bid on, this launches the bid auction.

The purpose of this auction is to determine how to place the ad in question. Ad Rank depends on two components – maximum bid and quality score.

Image credit: WordStream

Google calculates these two aspects and then determines how much you’ll pay for each time when a person clicks on your ad. It will also determine your position according to the ad rank of a person below you and your quality score.

So everything depends on the choice of keywords. But if you get a top spot in the search result, it doesn’t guarantee that your ad will be successful. It is an option, but there’s also a probability that you’ll have to pay too much for the clicks.

So we’ll call this myth plausible.


Myth #3. Competitors will make me pay a lot of money by clicking on my ad

This myth is connected with a notion of click fraud. Many businesses are concerned with so-called ‘fake clicks’ when they start considering using Google Ads.

As we’ve figured it out when reviewing the previous myth, when using Google Ads you have to pay an estimated price for each click your ad gets. So, yes, theoretically you could get a lot of fake clicks and it could hit your financial situation really hard.

But luckily, Google has created a program that prevents click fraud that involves the system of automated filters. This algorithm detects and filters out invalid clicks before advertisers get charged for Google’s services. To detect click fraud, Google uses a variety of methodologies, including:

These are only a couple of methodologies Google Ads use to filter invalid activity. Each time Google detects such activity, the users get a detailed report. Google also does the whole filtration process itself and the system makes sure to detect all invalid clicks before the user makes any payments.

So now you can sleep tight, knowing that Google will detect any malicious clicks and filter them. You won’t have to pay extra money for the intentional fake clicks of your competitors.

As for this myth, it’s safe to say that it’s busted.


Myth #4. You can manage your Google Ads account by yourself

It is common for big companies to have employees who can take over this task and run Google Ads campaign without involving and bothering their boss. But for small business owners and for those who like to control every aspect of their company’s activities, it’s safe to say that you can manage your Google Ads account without involving anyone else.

A self-managed advertising can work for small business owners and smaller digital advertisers with limited budgets. These are small advertising campaigns that involving basic keywords and are focused on a small target audience usually, which is usually attached to one location.

Many people choose to manage their own Google Ads campaigns for a simple reason: Google Ads is a complicated platform with a lot of aspects to control. It is easier to manage everything yourself, especially when you know what’s best for your company.

But managing Google Ads account can really turn into a full-time job. If you plan to reach bigger audiences and have a Google Ads campaign budget of $1,000 and more, and especially if you plan to launch several campaigns at once, it is better to hire an expert. Your investments will be properly managed and your campaign will generate a decent ROI.

Smart business owners know that success is guaranteed when you distribute the tasks among your employees and do not control everything yourself.

So, we can say that this myth is plausible if you only plan to set up a small Google Ads campaign or use this platform for the first time.


Do not hesitate!

In the business world, everyone knows that the more successful the company is, the more myths are revolving around it. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are true.  

Google is still the #1 platform to place your ads and it’s impossible to underestimate its effectiveness. So no matter if you own a small business or a big multinational corporation, investing in Google Ads is a must.



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