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I am about to share with you something

This secret recently brought Jacqueline and I hundreds of new clients and thousands of more dollars. This recently landed us one of our biggest clients yet.

I could not imagine that this person would be me. I just got off the phone. I was finally that person that took the game winning shot. I won. The client was not just happy they were thrilled to get started. You cannot imagine how amazing it felt. A wave of emotion came over me. I finally felt that I was succeeding.

There is a formula to this. A formula that is so easy to learn. A formula that you can learn too. I am about to share it with you. However, before I do I want you to promise to use it to benefit others. Read on.

Now you may be wondering what I am talking about. What is it that makes people want to buy something? This one formula can be broken down into 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Attention

If you take a look at the title of the article it literally says stop in the article. I am trying to grab your attention. You have very little time to grab someones attention before someone quickly scrolls past your article or video. According to Red Crow Marketing the average person sees 4,000 – 10,000 brand exposures and 360 advertisement exposures per day! Most of the advertisements you see are quick impressions. You see the brand on the box of cereal in the morning. Ads in the car while you are driving to work. Ads you scroll through Facebook. Billboards while you are walking. Most of the ads that you see you do not notice or pay attention to. They often miss this initial step of grabbing your attention.



This sign is seriously weird. Upside down stop and blurred.

However, have you ever been watching a advertisement and the camera starts of blurry or super zoomed in. They do this to grab your attention. It confuses our minds when we do not know what we are looking at. It is why optical illusions can be so captivating. It is with this distortion that market attempt to grab your attention. It is known aspattern interruption. Pattern interruption is when

In the title I then give you a quick reason to click on the article. Now the problem that has developed in recent years is click bait. Click bait is where you click on the title and then are lead to some article that is basically garbage or lack of any true information. I am not advocating to do this. However, I am advocating that you strategize the first step more. A lot of people when spend a ton of time writing amazing articles and then will miss this first step. Now no one will get all the information that you spent tirelessly putting together.

This step is the most crucial step that people make when making content. They forget to grab the readers attention.

Step 2: Interest

Now that I have your attention are you still listening? I am going to share with you the next big step that will change your life.

Once you crossed the barrier of attention you need to interest the person. In the above paragraph I just gave another example of how you can grab someone’s interest. I quickly pose a question. When you ask a question most people while intrinsically take the time to answer the question. You probably thought to yourself, “Yes, now what?” I then go into the next statement of  telling you something that will change your life. You are now curious. What is this something.

Interest is a powerful thing. When you are backed up on the freeway and you see the snake of cars causing the congestion you wonder what is going on. You assume it is probably a crash. You see all the other cars slowing down, but as you pass by you see that it is some guy with a flat tire. Now that is not very interesting. However, now imagine that you are passing by and there are two cars on fire. Now that is interesting. Line traffic got your attention, but the car on fire keeps your interest. Just because you have someone’s attention does not mean you have their interest.



This blue orange is weird and normally the weirder the more interesting.

This is where having good content comes into play. Whatever you are writing about needs to be interesting. Return back to click bait, click bait is great at getting your attention, but is awful of keeping your interest. Most people hate it when they get to the end of an article and it was awful. You now never want to return to this website or read anything from them again. So make sure that you are providing information that is interesting to the reader.

If you need another example, I also did it in the opening paragraph I talk about how Jacqueline and I have gained hundreds of new clients and thousands of more dollars using this technique. Hundred of new clients and thousands of more dollars is not common. Things that are not common are often of interest to people.

Step 3: Desire

Why does everyone love Apple products. Often times they are not even the best products on the market. Many engineers turned businessmen have encountered this problem. Engineers with their logical mind assume that people buy things using a rational mindset. However, this is far from the truth.

Whether it is to make more money, get in better shape, or improve yourself in some way, desire is the heart of decision making. We do not make decisions using logic. We make decisions using emotions and justify it using logic. It is why so many people can explain why they had dessert and cheated on their diet or slept in. “Of course we should have the brownie, I walked today and I haven’t treated myself in awhile.” The decision is made from desire and justified with logic, never the reverse. 

In the second paragraph after I interest you I move into a scene. I walk you through a moment where I just got of the phone. I took the game winning shot and won. I use intense language to bring your into how I feel. I talk about a wave emotion and the feeling of succeeding. Finally, feeling that emotion of progress and success. The feeling of being a winner. This is a true story. This is probably why it is easier for me to write when the emotions are real.

However, the point is to display the desire that it made you feel. You also want to feel like a success, feel like you are winning at life and not just getting by, you continued to read not because it was logical but because those inner emotions drive you.



Everyone desires something. You just need to figure out what it is.

I could have written the same part just telling you the benefits. “We made a lot of money. This allowed us to grow our business.” However, this is not engaging. You need to connect on an emotional level in order to engage someone to buy something.

Remember to always speak to someone’s emotions and desire.

Step 4: Action

The final step is action. The action I put in the third paragraph is a little weak. I describe a formula that I am about to tell you and then tell you the action to “read on.” This is decent because if you have read to this point then you did decide to take action.

You may think that you did not, but you did. No one forced you to continue to read. You wanted to read. Now that I spoke to the desire of being a winner you wanted to take the action to also be a winner.

However, this step is normally where you begin to pitch what you are trying to sell. You can start to tell them the thing that will allow them to make these changes. You bring in your product offer or service.

With your call to action you normally want to keep it concise and to the point. A lot of websites have tons of call to actions now. This dilutes down the one thing that you want  someone to do. Have you ever gone to buy a car and there are million of options. Do you get this car or that car. Now what about color, insurances, electronics, etc. Now you are confused which one to pick. This causes decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is where we can only make so many decisions a day. Decision fatigue leads to what is known as decision avoidance.



Seriously, make the decision easy.

Decision avoidance is the worse thing that can happen. After going to the car dealership you leave with no car because now you need to think about all of these options. You are overwhelmed and confused. You decide not to buy anything.

The reverse of this is the great Henry Ford who stated, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” You want to limit the number of choices a person needs to make. This is true of everything and your call to action should be the same way.

You need to strategic with your actions. You do not want to spend a lot of time doing something only to lose your costumer at the end. What is the one thing that you want someone to do? Is that sign up for a webinar, go to your lead form, buy a certain item, etc. You need to have the down because there should only be one call to action.


I have been reading and learning about marketing for a few years now. It can be scary once you realize how easy it is to influence people. I recently finished Brainfluence and it highlights a lot of the strategic marketing techniques that people use to influence you to buy things. This is why that I asked that you use this for good. Love the product or service that you offer. If this is true then I do not see any problem with using these techniques to influence people to do things.

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