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In the evolving world of freelance work - where do creatives and employers go to connect? How can we build a platform that allows creatives to show off their portfolios and for employers to quickly and easily find great talent?

We began the project with a discovery session with the MOD Team. This brought clarity and insight to their vision and mission.

During this discovery session we were able to:


1. Define their target users.

2. Understand the necessary functionality.

3. Create a development and marketing plan that could work in tandem.


Playfair Display






To help both types of users, the Muse and the Employer, SeedX developed a dual strategy: a native mobile application for the on-the-go creative and a responsive desktop application that would be an essential tool for employers.

We flushed out the desired features including content management, complex search capabilities, real-time messaging and notifications, and a monthly subscription plan that offers Pro features for Muses and Employers.


SeedX helped deliver a high quality, scalable, and multi-platform solution to the creative world.

MOD is the answer to aid the neglected creative community while empowering cutting-edge companies that pride themselves in hiring the best creative talent in the world.

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