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Ithaca Milk was started with the idea in mind that small scale, sustainable farming is possible in a modern farming landscape. The owners believe that the animals and the land that produce our food should be treated with respect, and managed with the living environment in mind.

Our task was to translate this ethos into a communicable message to online visitors. We set out to do the following:


1. Explain the intricate and natural process utilized by Ithaca Milk's farmers and milk, yogurt, and cheese producers.

2. Highlight the high-quality ingredients used in Ithaca Milk products.

3. Educate people about Ithaca Milk's farm life.

4. Finally, of course - show people where they can purchase the products!









On the website, we show the process of creating the products in a hip and easy to follow way with cow spot-shaped photos. We also highlight the ingredients of each product in an easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing manner. There is a section that teaches you about the farm, the people who work there, and the animals who live there. Finally, the store finder- with Ithaca bottle pins- makes it easy to discover where you can buy Ithaca Milk products near you!


In the end, we created an online experience that guides visitors through all of the important elements of Ithaca Milk's brand.

Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk Ithaca Milk

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