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How can you develop the technical and creative skills to stay on top of your craft? How do you motivate your team to stay engaged and unified?

At SeedX we believe in more than just providing services: we are determined to develop our team to grow to their full potential.

At our latest team-athon, a 12-hour workplace event where we strategize about new skillsets, better communication, and team building, we discovered three verticals we could focus on developing:


1. Cross-team Communication

2. Creative Storytelling

3. Graphic Animation

We decided to utilize Adobe After Effects, the opening number from Hamilton the musical, and randomly drawn teams to see which group could develop the best video advertisement for Hamilton in 12 hours.

In the process, we learned a lot, had fun, and crafted a new skill. We were honored to merge the epic story of Hamilton with cutting edge technology.


Not only an incredible video that celebrates Alexander Hamilton's dazzling story, but a more unified and strengthened team.

We are excited for the opportunity to tell individuals' and companies' stories in a new medium: animated film.

Web design Desktop Mac 18th century people with old clothing Web design Desktop Mac Mother and son looking an old ship on a beach Web design Desktop Mac Screen with a man and some books Web design Desktop Mac Black and white ink and old-fashioned pen Web design Desktop Mac United States flag with soldiers on a mac screen Web design Desktop Mac Screen with an angry man throwing papers Web design Desktop Mac Alex Hamilton photoshop edition

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