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When Apricot Power contacted us, we immediately saw a huge opportunity for them in the realm of e-mail marketing and lead nurturing.

Like many great companies, Apricot Power was getting a lot of traffic, but the website was not capturing visitors' contact information efficiently enough to allow for them to capitalize on all of the interest people were showing.

The SeedX Team suggested and implemented the following:


1. An eye-catching engaging wheel game to capture leads' information for later email marketing.

2. A welcome series and other subscriber nurturing series to engage customers and encourage brand loyalty.

3. Weekly broadcast emails and campaigns to increase revenue and exposure.

Our nurture campaigns for Apricot Power focus on educating people about apricot seeds and products, their benefits, how they're harvested, and perhaps most importantly, how to incorporate their use into your every day life.

Email is an amazing tool for helping people through each stage in their cycle as a consumer. From encouraging people to make a first purchase to explaining how they should use the product, email allows companies to inexpensively teach consumers to become habitual users of their product and brand advocates.


The lead magnet captures 15% off all online traffic consistently, allowing for a constant new flow of consumers to enter into our email welcome series. Most will either purchase right upon receiving the first email, or become new customers by the fifth email touchpoint.

In less than two months, we were able to help Apricot Power increase their revenue by 142% through our lead nurturing and other email efforts.

We are confident that this is just the beginning, as over time, we are creating more consumers who will be incredibly valuable over their lifespan as customers of Apricot Power.

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