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Dominique Cosmetics is a growing cosmetics line built by YouTube sensation and beauty entrepreneur, Christen Dominique.

When DC approached us, we immediately identified several areas in which we could leverage their audience to create more recurring revenue, brand loyalty, and engagement for the company.


1. Stimulate engagement on social with content and campaigns

2. Develop email marketing strategy to nurture leads and existing clients

3. Utilize Social Ads to drive revenue and find new customers

Our team was able to rapidly increase DC's social audience and engagement by utilizing a custom strategy built for the consumer and industry's needs. We developed a competitive hashtag strategy, campaigns and giveaways, shooting and creating custom video, images, and story content and more.

With email marketing, we utilized automation and strong content to create strong recurring revenue, lead and current customer nurture series to increase brand awareness, and broadcast campaigns to create buzz and sales for Dominique Cosmetics.

Through social ads, re-targeting has resulted in the creation of more revenue for DC, whilst intelligently cresting look alike audiences has helped us to reach new consumer audiences and convert them into customers. We've consistently shown 5X return on ad spend.


SeedX and DC have seen month after month dramatic increases in engagement and revenue made and look forward to expanding our efforts more.

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to online growth, and we can't wait to expand this brand's reach even more!

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