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Have an outdated website that needs revamping? Want to add a modern spin while still keeping authenticity?

When Vivek and Rama reached out to SeedX, they had just purchased a neighborhood restaurant that they loved. The website hadn't be recreated for over ten years.

We helped them with the following concerns:


1. Honoring the tradition and past of Deven's Grill while adding a modern spin.

2. Celebrating the people who work and visit the restaurant.

3. Creating a new logo.






We designed a logo and website that incorporated the new owners, Vivek and Rama, and celebrated Deven's Grill's cuisine, staff, and visitors.

Throughout the site, you can see food that is on the menu and gleeful photos of staff. We also incorporated a user-friendly catering feature and custom illustrations.


Deven's Grill Deven's Grill Deven's Grill Deven's Grill Deven’s Grill Deven's Grill

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