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agebuzz is the first stop for insights as you grow older- for the latest news, info and opinion on all aspects of aging. If it’s out there, they read it- and then provide you with concise and curated access to the best information.

When we began working with agebuzz, our challenges were many including:


1. How can we create a website that is easy for the older generation to use as a daily resource?

2. Once we have a good website - how can we reach the target demographic online?


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We created a website that is clean, easy to follow, and utilizes large font, descriptive photos, and other UI/UX tips to ensure that the elderly population can use the website without a problem.

During the design and development, we watched test subjects interact with the website to make adjustments to ensure it would be straightforward to use an like-able to the audience.


After creating an optimized website, we did research on how to best reach the target audience online.

Since Facebook is now most regularly used by people above 40, we created a Facebook campaign that presents engaging videos and articles to potential subscribers. Doing so has increased the subscription rate immensely, allowing us to grow agebuzz's community.

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