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1. Define

We first meet you and your team to define your goals, identify your audience, analyze your brand, and assess your competition.

At the end of the meeting we will have a strategic plan that defines the outcomes of the campaign as well as a timeline for completion.

We additionally provide trade secrets and recommendations your company should be utilizing.

2. Design

Once we define your objectives we proceed into design discovery. Here we will explore various ideas and concepts that matches with your business personality and brand.

With your goals defined and a direction established we work collaboratively with you and your team using design software to create a to-die-for design.

At the end of this phase you will know what creative solution we will bring to development.

3. Develop

In the final phase you sit back and let us take over. We will develop the design to pixel perfection.

We will integrate the website with any social media, email signups, analytics, as well as any other necessary integrations. We will transfer the website to your domain or discuss hosting with us.

After finalizing every detail we will provide you a new and flawless website that you love.

More Visitors

All of our websites are mobile-friendly and come with basic search engine optimization (SEO). This makes your website rank higher with Google and other search engines. This will drive traffic, new web visitors, and more customers waiting to work with you.

Higher Engagement

Your website will be customized for the best user experience. Your website will no longer be hard to navigate, but intuitive, clean, and easy to use. This optimal user experience drives engagement, opt-ins, and business growth.

Stand Out

During the design phase we research your competitors. We make sure that your website goes above and beyond all of your competition as well as highlighting your key differences. This establishes your authority in your industry to all and future customers.

Case Study

Granoterra Coffee

Website Design/Branding

The Challenge

About project

How do you stand out in a crowded market place? How can you attract a younger generation of coffee connoisseurs?

We began the project with a discovery session with Granoterra Coffee Team. This brought clarity and insight to the brand and marketing strategy.

During this discovery session we were able to:


1. Understand their customers.

2. Define their brand.

3. Prioritize their goals.


Proxima Nova

Great Vibes






To help Granoterra stand out amongst the noise, SeedX developed a brand personality that would resonate with their target customers: a premium brand to attract the growing landscape of coffee enthusiasts. This defined how the brand would look, sound, and act.

Once defined, this brand personality served as a guideline for all customer touch-points including the logo, website, email marketing, brochures, packaging, and other physical merchandise.



A strategic rebrand—logo, messaging, Power Point templates, packaging, and website —that celebrates the people of Colombia as the unsung super heroes of Granoterra and individuals who pride themselves in a pure and perfect caffeine experience.

Web design of desktop Granoterra Quality Control page Web development of desktop Granoterra welcome page Web development of Granoterra desktop home screen Web development of Four green icons - coffee cherry, collection, inspections, transportation - that describe whole Granoterra's process Web development of desktop Granoterra contact us page Web design Granoterra Quality Control Web design mobile Granoterra colombian coffe Web design of Granoterra mobile welcome page Web design mobile Granoterra white and green transportation page Web design Four green icons - sustained, hand-picked, healthy, robust - that describe Granoterra beans on cellphone screen Web design Granoterra mobile contact us page


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