How to Increase Sales on WooCommerce


How to Increase Sales on WooCommerce


Although e-commerce has existed for some time already, it’s a pretty new realm for marketers and advertisers. Because it’s so closely connected to the advancement of technology, e-commerce is developing quite rapidly and at such a quick pace that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with it.

Every experienced e-marketing specialist will tell you that there’s something new introduced to e-commerce every single day. It’s a sphere that has a great potential, as it brings the revenue of 653 billion dollars to the companies worldwide.

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E-commerce has changed people’s shopping habits as well. According to Smart Insights with the reference to 2017 KPMG Global Online Consumer Report, 58% of the consumers prefer e-commerce because it allows them to shop 24/7, and 54% say that while shopping online they can compare prices and are more likely to find a lucrative offer. Needless to say that millennials prefer to shop online as well.

Marketers have already come to a realization that e-commerce has a great potential, and many software developers also try to keep up, inventing and upgrading various applications and plugins. As many people use blogging platforms to open their e-commerce stores, these platforms also try to provide them with the best e-commerce plugins.

WordPress offers their users the WooCommerce plugin. It has been created for all businesses, from small online shops to big multinational corporations. It’s an open-source plugin and it is free, although there is an opportunity of purchasing additional features.

WooCommerce has become popular for its simplicity of use. It’s customizable with many different themes that allow the users to market their products for free.

Although it is very popular and is being run on 30% of e-commerce websites, there are still some tricks to know if you want to increase sales using this platform.

So let’s take a look at some tips that will be helpful to those who want to increase sales on WooCommerce.

#1 – Take care of security

When talking about e-commerce, it’s essential to take care of the security of your online shop. Some people are still afraid to shop online because they feel that their shopping experience isn’t secure. They are also hesitant to trust the shop with their payment details, being afraid that the credit card information could get stolen.

It’s well-known that e-commerce websites store tons of personal information, which is sometimes even more valuable than credit card details. So even a rumor that there was a breach will shatter your reputation in seconds.

What’s the solution? Before you even start selling, it’s crucial that your WooCommerce store has an SSL certificate. This certificate is a small data file that contains a cryptographic key to your store’s private information. When you install it, SSL certificate enables https protocol that activates secure connection from a server to a browser.

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SSL certificate works perfectly for securing credit card transactions, logins, and other personal data. SSL certificates use two keys, a private key and a public key to make sure that all private information is encrypted. These certificates also improve conversion rates, so it’s not just a boost to your security.

#2 – Plan your product descriptions

Taking care of product descriptions is a must for every online store. Elusive and confusing descriptions will leave a negative impression of your store and your attitude towards your customers in general.

When writing product descriptions, keep in mind that this is the only way your customers can get at least remotely familiar with your products. They often cannot check it in person before they buy it, so it’s crucial not to mislead them with false descriptions. If you don’t pay enough attention to your product descriptions, this can not only divert customers from your shop but also can result in a vicious social media campaign, where dissatisfied customers will share their negative experience with others.

Pro tip!

When writing a product description, ask yourself three questions:

– “What” question: What is your product? What makes it stand out?

– “How” question: How does your product work? Is it innovative? How will it influence the quality of lives of your customers?

– “Why” question: Why should your customers buy this product? Why is it an absolute necessity for them?

Product descriptions should also contain two aspects:

– Practical aspect: show your customers how they can use your product in their daily lives and how it can influence their lifestyle.

– Emotional aspect: if your products are safe for the environment, for example, you should point that out in your description.

The engaging product description is a content marketing strategy for explosive growth. It’s great for your conversion rates and will definitely help you increase sales at your WooCommerce shop.  

#3 – Invest in high-quality images of your products

No matter what kind of shop you’re running, whether it’s a clothing shop or a store where you sell beautiful handmade pieces of décor, you should always have a good picture for each of your products.

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Especially if you sell clothes, you need to provide customers with as many images as possible. You might need to take a photo of a piece of clothing from every angle and make sure that the photo depicts the right color. There are some shops that also make a photo of a fabric sample to show the customers an approximate quality of an item.

If you need more traffic, you should focus on your content, both visual and textual. The images of your products should provide as many details as possible and should coincide with your product descriptions. The way products are described on Wish (a web-store with low-priced items) is an absolute disgrace. You can often hear their customers complain that the product itself hasn’t met their expectations.

What’s a lesson here?

Don’t get people confused with false images and product descriptions just to sell the items.

WooCommerce is a great plugin itself, but if you want to get more out of it, you should combine it with other plugins. Here are the top 3 WooCommerce plugins to help you increase sales.

1 – LiveChat Inc: want to contribute to the positive customer experience? Than your WooCommerce shop definitely needs a chat functionality to help your customers access your customer support team directly. LiveChat has a 30-day free trial, so if it doesn’t fit your needs, you can change it for something else. But in general, having live chat functionality for your shop is a must as it positively influences customer satisfaction.

2 – HelloBar: every WooCommerce shop needs a tool that helps to convert visitors into customers and generate more revenue.  Premium version of HelloBar plugin allows you to catch an email address of your visitors, who try to redeem the code. Thus, you add “new faces” to your mailing list.

3 – TrustPilot: this tool is a must for those e-commerce shops, which have over 15 orders a day. Once your business gets more than 150 reviews, TrustPilot collects them. After that,it starts populating them on your Google Shopping advertisements and PPC advertisements. It will definitely help you increase sales, as people often trust the reviews and will be more likely to purchase your products.

Get more out of your WooCommerce shop!

WooCommerce is easy to use and has a lot of versatile features to help you increase the sales. Hopefully, the tips and tools we’ve mentioned in this article will help you run your e-commerce shop successfully!

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