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How To Implement Marketing Automation For Your SMB?


Confused On How To Implement Marketing Automation For Your SMB? – Let’s Take A Look At A Few Expert Tips

In the contemporary dynamic and intensely competitive business landscape, marketing pros can’t afford to waste their precious time in performing boring and time-consuming tasks. Rather, they need tech-driven platforms to help them in aligning sales and marketing initiatives for maximizing sales and driving more revenue.

The tech tools or solutions which are designed to help marketers in grabbing quality leads, looking after them, and guiding them down the sales funnel called marketing automation products or systems.

You might think that these advanced tools allow marketing pros to relax by putting all their work on autopilot mode. But in reality, automated marketing tools and platforms have come into the streamline because they save a lot of time and streamline complex processes for sellers.

MarTech systems help marketing pros in gaining insights to optimize their content across multiple platforms and understand the specific requirements of the customers in a better manner.

Which Platform Is Better To Build Your Custom MarTech Platform?

One of the biggest challenges faced by the sellers of the digital age is choosing the right marketing automation platform for their organization. It’s better to do research and pick the best one in accordance with your specific business needs rather than selecting one randomly. Then what’s the solution? Let’s have a look at the options you have in your hand.

In the market, you can find multiple ready-made marketing automation software which you can easily purchase and start using. But these tools lack the flexibility to let you customize the features according to your own needs. Also, these platforms might come with many unwanted functions which are of no use to you.

Because of lack of customization and a lot of added costs off-the-shelf MarTech solutions aren’t that beneficial for the sellers. But there are two other alternatives which can be either using app builders or a custom development partner.

Both of these platforms can be leveraged to create intuitive as well as reliable software for marketing pros. However, it’s better to leverage custom software development to build your MarTech automation platform as App builders can be a good choice but remember they don’t offer enough flexibility and customization.

This is why you should choose these platforms only when you have a limited budget. Otherwise, it’s always better to hire professional developers who can easily craft custom MarTech systems tailored in accordance with your requirements and aligned with your strategies.

How To Implement Marketing Automation For Your SMB?

The marketers’ approach to embracing automation determines the success of their campaigns and ultimately decide the fate of their brand. So, let’s try to simplify this tricky process by exploring a few tips from marketing wizards which will help you to implement marketing automation correctly for your SMB.

  1. CRM Software Solutions To Close The Loop In Marketing Automation

As customers have taken the charge of businesses it’s mandatory to keep a track of all their activities and preferences. In order to develop a relationship with prospects and grabbing new ones, the first step is to integrate a pipeline management software into your workflow.

A comprehensive pipeline management platform can allow you in executing multiple tasks ranging from acquiring prospects to closing deals and from looking after quality leads to retaining customers. It can help you to build a robust sales pipeline for your business which can be easily optimized to boost sales conversions.

  1. Have An Agile Attitude Towards Creating & Maintaining Your MarTech Stack

Every single business is unique and hence it has specific requirements. You can’t apply the one-size-fits-all policy here. This is why you have to be extremely alert when choosing the type of marketing tools you want to keep in your arsenal.

Remember that these automated and advanced systems should be in sync with other internal tech-driven platforms you have integrated into your set up. Also, such tools must have flexibility and scalability so that you can easily include additional features in the future when your needs will evolve with the growth of your brand.

  1. Pay Attention To Building An Integrated Marketing Tech Platform

If you will leverage different marketing tools for different functions then it would only add to your expenses which in turn will be a loss for your business. Instead, focus on creating a unified MarTech system which is all-inclusive and comprise every single feature your marketing team needs.

The comprehensive tool will allow your marketers to maximize their efficiency by saving time and resources. Also, seamless integration helps them in performing time-consuming tasks quickly and accelerate the speed with which they work.

  1. Content Optimization To Influence Buying Preferences Of Your Customers

Content plays a key role in grabbing the attention of quality visitors to your web portal. It’s extremely important to provide your targeted audience with dynamic content across multiple platforms such as social media channels, website, etc.

Quality content helps you in acquiring and nurturing leads that can be easily converted. With the help of crafting content which evokes a sense of urgency and connects with your prospects at an emotional level can boost web conversions by tenfold.

Nowadays, you can leverage various marketing solutions which can help in creating and distributing quality content across all platforms. Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) also helps in optimizing your content strategy.

Moreover, you can take professional design help and create a visually appealing landing page for one of your exclusive marketing campaigns, for example, a competition. With the help of integrating high-end images and impressive as well as informational content, you can maximize contest participation which will provide you with an opportunity to grab the attention of more and more prospects.

For instance, you can integrate email automation in your MatTech stack with which the task of sending invitations, reminders, and follow-ups to the targeted audience will become much easier for marketers.

  1. Efficient & Regular Tracking  Of Performance To Identify Pitfalls & Developing Strategies To Overcome Them

Along with formulating and implementing unique campaigns with the help of tech-driven marketing platforms its equally important to leverage tools for tracking their effectiveness. Therefore, your MarTech stack must comprise analytics and reporting in order to make you aware of the gaps so that to come up with relevant solutions for modifying the strategy.

You can have intuitive dashboards which can help you in evaluating your performance. Also, with the help of integrating predictive analytics, you will be able to analyze huge amounts of data and identify patterns which can be used to improvise future policies.

It’s a bit tricky to choose and retain the best MarTech stack but it can be made easy with a little bit of caution and awareness. Remember an all-inclusive and relevant marketing tech solution can be your key to unlock the survival strategy for your brand in the contemporary unstable as well as competitive business landscape.

Author Bio: Usman Raza is the co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts and marketing strategist working with various brands online, and the content marketing manager of PSD to WordPress. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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