Why Use E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce marketing is vital for any online business or store. According to a recent study, it’s estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019. If you’re not using e-commerce marketing to target customers and sell your products, you’re missing out on valuable leads and sales. In fact, in 2019 e-commerce sales are expected to account for 13.7% of retail sales worldwide.

How It Works

Shopify set up +optimization

We'll set up your shopify account and make sure it's optimized so your business can start making sales.

Shopify audit

Maybe you already have a Shopify website, but you think it could be improved. We'll audit your Shopify and give you concrete suggesitons we can implement to improve it.

Driving leads

Driving new leads is at the heart of ecommerce marketing. We want to make sure you're getting as much traffic as possible from real leads that will convert into paying customers.

Why Do You Need This Service

This Service

E-commerce marketing will help you launch, scale, and optimize your online store in as little time as possible so that you can start making sales.


Many businesses owners know how to run their physical store but lack the digital knowledge to successfully sell the same products online. We'll save you a lot of time and headache by jumpstarting your online store. We'll also walk you through the process and the ins an outs of e-commerce so that you can feel confident in managing the platform after we've done our work.

Optimized Product Copy

We'll make sure your products descriptions and copy are optimized with keywords that will help you rank in search engines .


We'll make sure your payment options seamlessly integrate into your website, making the purchasing process a breeze for customers and as well as your business so you can access your sales data and funds as soon as possible.

Expansive Reach

Using e-commerce marketing for your online store will help you reach thousands of customers online. You can then target these customers using retargeting ads, abandoned cart campaigns, and email marketing to keep them coming back for more products and keep increasing your sales.

Here are some reasons you might be a good fit for e-commerce marketing:

  • You have products you want to sell but are unsure of which platform to use
  • You have a physical store but want to sell your products online too
  • You're building a fashion brand
  • You want to expand your business to reach more customers online

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