E-Commerce Marketing

Why Use E-mail Marketing

E-commerce marketing is not as easy as it used to be.

Now your customers are every where, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Bing, Youtube, TikTok(?), and beyond. Additionally, the increase in competition has driven up ad prices, saturated organic channels, and has made acquiring customers harder than ever.

At SeedX, we take a customer journey approach to e-commerce marketing. What does this mean? We track the customer journey from the first purchase -> second purchase -> third purchase -> introduction to a brand program -> generate high quality referrals.

We are able to track where people are dropping out, which products drive the best lifetime value, and target more of your highest value customer. This approach allows us acquire your customers at the lowest cost per purchase, increase lifetime value, and generate insane brand loyalty.

How It Works

We kick off every project with a discovery call to discuss goals, previous efforts, timelines, points of contacts, and address any initial points of concerns (i.e. quick timelines) After this initial session, which normally lasts one to two hours, we will request access to your website, analytics, email marketing software, organic channels, and any paid platforms.

With the provided information, we don't hold back. We consider this your marketing physical exam. A marketing specialist will go over every detail of your business from web design, copy, website functionality, google analytics tracking, email marketing stats, paid ad returns, and more. After we conduct this in-depth audit we will have another meeting where we will discuss what we found, where we think you are crushing it and where we think we can be of service to your company. During this session we will provide a plan of action that is personalized for your business, budget, and timeline.

If you agree to the marketing plan, we will put it immediately into action. All contracts are month to month and the majority of see results in the first four weeks, but we recommend 8-12 weeks to fully optimize and see the best results.

What happens next... If you are happy scaling to 7 figures would you like to scale to 8 or more? Well then we are your people. After the initial phase we often move from our initial testing and optimization phase to scaling.

Why Do You Need This Service
Skyrocket Your Customer Base

Generating new customers profitably is a skill that only a few people know. When you work with SeedX we offer top of the line customer acquisition strategies.

Generate a Killer ROI

Money, money, money.... we can sit around and talk about fonts all day, but when push comes to shove we know what matters. That is why we keep top line and bottom line numbers are the forefront of all of our marekting efforts.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Using e-commerce marketing for your online store will help you reach thousands of customers online. You can then target these customers using retargeting ads, abandoned cart campaigns, and email marketing to keep them coming back for more products and keep increasing your sales.

Gain Market Insights

With the power of online metrics, we can discover your next move. We know what pages people are visiting, what products thy are looking for, the exact demographics of your customer, and more. By utilizing these key insights, we can help your business develop new products, expand into new markets, and grow in ways you never knew possible.

Save Your Most Precious Resource (Time)

Many businesses owners know how to run their physical store but lack the digital knowledge to successfully sell the same products online. We'll save you copious amounts of time and pain-splitting headaches by doing all the dirty work for you - no poor hires or fires, just sales and growth. We'll also walk you and your team through our entire process so everyone is on the same page.


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  • You Have an Established Budget
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