Creating a Campaign to Raise Awareness of Best Public Health Practices in the Face of COVID-19
THe client
New York City Health

*This project name has been anonymized to protect our client’s identity due to the sensitive nature of their organization’s work*

In 2020, when the global COVID-19 Pandemic hit, New York City, a 5-borough metropolis with over 8 million inhabitants, was one of the hardest-hit cities in the world. We have learned that when mixed with other illnesses, such as influenza or similar viruses, COVID-19 can be even deadlier than the disease on its own.


The Problem

When SeedX was first engaged, there was a short timeline to plan a massive public health campaign that could result in tens or hundreds of thousands of saved lives. Knowing how populous and diverse the city is, we had a lot of work to do to make sure we could get individuals, especially those at the greatest risk for COVID-19 and/or an influenza infection, to receive their flu shot as soon as possible.

Our Solution

We worked together with the city’s team to design a campaign that raised awareness about the importance of getting a flu shot, especially for vulnerable populations in New York City.


Facing such a diverse, populous city, it was important to utilize as many traditional and new media sources as possible including transit signage, outdoor billboards, television and radio placements, digital ads, social media, and more, and to ensure that the most widely-spoken languages were included in our campaign.


Our global team was well-prepared to create media in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and more, ensuring we could get our messaging across to as many New Yorkers as possible.

Further, utilizing digital media, we were able to reach the 96% of New Yorkers who own smartphones. They would first see a geotargeted advertisement on Facebook, YouTube, or a similar platform, click through to find flu shots near them and register for an appointment. Building out this system allowed us to create a scalable method to understand and leverage media spend to reach as many New Yorkers as possible.


Through our efforts, we were able to educate New Yorkers and drive many of them to schedule appointments to get their flu shots. Our campaign received over 10 million impressions on digital and millions more on forms of traditional media.

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