B2B Website Re-Design and Development and Salesforce Pardot Integration for Millennium Alliance

THe client
Millennium Alliance

Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, The Millennium Alliance is a leading technology, business, and educational advisory firm. Focusing primarily in areas such as business transformation, executive education, growth, policy, and need analysis, Millennium is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic locations for collaboration across the world.

Millennium Alliance provides a framework for Fortune 1000 C-Level executives, leading public sector/government officials, and thought leaders across a variety of disciplines, to meet their peers, understand industry developments, and receive introductions to new technology and service advancements to help grow their career and overall company value.

The Problem

Millennium Alliance came to SeedX in search of a new website solution. While they wanted to re-design their site to have a modern and futuristic feeling, they also wanted to be sensitive to their clients who are mostly traditional New York City corporations.

Additionally, at the time, Millennium Alliance was managing three separate websites: one marketing website, one events management platform, and one blogging site home to their publication the Digital Diary.



Our Solution

Our first goal for Millennium Alliance was to take their three complex website platforms and combine them into one, seamless experience that offered potential and current clients an easy way to interact with their company.

As their audience is comprised of Fortune 500 executives looking to be more active within their community online, we worked to create a website that would be comfortable for individuals used to corporate websites but with a unique, modern flare.


Secondly, we integrated SalesForce and Pardot to help automate sales and event team tasks that created a major time and money vacuum for Millennium Alliance. This tool is immensely powerful, and we trained Millennium Alliance’s entire sales and event management team to help them efficiently utilize SalesForce and the website.


Beyond this initial project, we have helped Millennium Alliance develop their Digital Diary, a content platform that seeks to educate marketing executives at major companies about the digital sphere and industry.


We have also helped them with advertising, helping them bring in interest from sponsors and C-Suite level individuals at Fortune 500 companies via several ad platforms and SEO-optimization.


Lastly, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped the Millennium Alliance transition their in-person events and business to a fully-operable online presence within a week. They are now thriving in the virtual world!

Website Design

The SeedX team designed and developed modern yet corporate-appropriate website with a great design aesthetic on all devices.

Salesforce Pardot Integration

SalesForce integrations on Millennium Alliance's website are highly customized, efficient, and help them tackle a multitude of internal processes.

Marketing Consulting and Advertising

Going Digital During COVID-19

Advertising to potential Millennium Alliance members


Content Strategy

Post-Covid-19 Online Events

Digital Ads via LinkedIn and Google

Marketing Online Events during COVID-19


Since the new website launch, Millennium Alliance has saved thousands of hours by having one go to administrative panel and system to update all elements of their online presence.

Not only does this benefit the company internally, at the same time, prospective and current clients are able to enjoy a much more seamless experience with all of the touch points they have with Millennium Alliance.