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Why SeedX
Conquer the Internet. Be Influential. Grow.

SeedX, Inc. is an omni-channel marketing and strategy firm that specializes in helping organizations align their marketing and growth goals across digital and traditional marketing channels.

Founded in 2016, we have quickly established ourselves as market leaders, working on effective award-winning campaigns across the United States and globally.

Omni-channel marketing
What is Omnichanel Marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is an approach that provides customers with a completely seamless and integrated experience from the first touchpoint to the last.

In digital marketing, this includes all verticals of your marketing presence: SEO, social media, content building, website optimization, e-mail marketing, outdoor media, broadcast marketing, and more.

We in the Market
We in the Market
Where We Fit
in the Market

SeedX is more that a digital agency – we are a new type of firm, designed to create meaningful and lasting impact.

In today’s market, that means taking the big picture into account. Here is a helpful graphic reference to explain how we fit with traditional firm structures.

Growth Lives Here
  • Integration of Business
    Goals with Growth
  • Omnichannel Sales +
    Marketing Development
  • Perfomance marketing + Reporting
  • Design + Development
  • Customer management
  • Stakeholder Management,
    Education, and Empowerment
  • Environmental Analysis
our approach
The Old Way vs. the SeedX Way

How does our approach differ from what the business world is used to?

  • The Traditional Way
  • Measuring Success Based on Impressions + Educated Guesses
  • Workflow Verticals are Siloed and Do Not Communicate
  • Long Waits for Updates and Never Before Seen Final Deliverables
  • The SeedX Way
  • Results Measured by Precise Performance and Revenue-Driven Metrics
  • Agile Teams of Experts from Different Workflow Verticals
  • Constant Iteration and Collaboration Lead ti Deliverables You Are Excited About
Our values

At SeedX, we take our values seriously and LOVE working with people who do too.
We consider ourselves rebels, fighters, and explorers challenging the boundaries of design, innovation, and human potential.


We value integrity above all else. Truth and honesty are two of our key differentiators.

In a world where people will lie to get ahead, we seek to maintain high standards of integrity. This may lead to short term losses, but will lead to long term stability and success.


We involve our clients in each step of a project, ensuring that you learn and give consistent feedback.

We also believe in and are dedicated to empowering clients with the information they need to succeed before, during, and after the project is complete.

Beginner’s Mindset

We approach everything with a beginner’s mindset so that we are always on the forefront of advancement.

Our team members are constantly adding to their professional and intellectual knowledge to ensure that we provide you with the best practices in our fast-changing economy.

Exceed Expectations

We always seek perfection and exceed expectations. We do not settle for “good” or even “great.” Going above and beyond is in our DNA.

We consider each project as if it were our own. When we start a client relationship, you become part of the SeedX family.

Where We Are?
Where We Are?
SeedX is in the cloud with a global
physical presence.

Our all-star team transcends borders and timezones, delivering a highly-skilled team that moves efficiently each hour of the day with capability in more than 12 languages.

At SeedX, we are redefining culture, creating a close-knit community amongst our team members who learn from each other’s diverse life and work experiences.

our team

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